We’re Hiring!!!

Position Available – IT Support Engineer

We are looking to hire an experienced IT engineer to manage our company’s computer systems. As an IT engineer, you will be responsible for designing hardware configurations, installing software, managing network systems, and training staff on correct operating procedures.
To ensure success as an IT engineer, you should have extensive experience maintaining large-scale computer systems, the ability to project manage, and excellent troubleshooting skills. Ultimately, a top-level IT engineer can design and maintain a dynamic and stable system to perfectly meet the needs of the company.

IT Engineer Responsibilities:

• Meeting with the IT manager to discuss system needs.
• Designing and installing computer hardware configurations.
• Installing software and networking systems.
• Troubleshooting network and software issues.
• Installing high-level software security systems.
• Training staff on newly installed hardware and software systems.
• Fixing hardware, software, and networking issues.
• Responding to general IT requests.
• Ensuring security software is kept up to date.
• Filing monthly reports for the IT Manager.
IT Engineer Requirements:
• Extensive knowledge of computer hardware systems.
• Familiarity with general OS systems, Enterprise, programming languages, and Office software.
• Knowledge of LAN and wireless networks.
• Ability to project manage.
• Good communication skills.
• Ability to troubleshoot complex software and hardware issues.
• Knowledge of database and networking security systems.
Please email your cv to jobs@heskap.com